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3 Great Podcast Episodes For New Bloggers

May 5, 2017

I love podcasts! You can listen to them almost anywhere. Cleaning the house? Learn something as you wash and fold those clothes. In the car? Podcast! My current favorite is on my long walks before I hit my workout at the gym.

3 Great Podcast Episodes For New Bloggers

I’ve learned so much from some of these podcasts and the awesome people who make them. These podcasts and their creators share, inspire and inform me weekly with so much value. I can’t keep them to myself!


  1.  Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller, Episode 25
  2. Smart And Passive Income: How To Master Content Marketing with Neil Patel #214
  3. Boss Girl Creative: This is A Marathon Not a Sprint #57

Donald Miller’s Podcast encourages and provides loads of information.

“Focus is the key to success A little on the plot everyday and I will see a lot done at the end of the year.” I love this piece of advice. Focus is a big thing. And it is difficult for me. I hope to implement focus each day. (Especially with a sweet baby on the way!) He also offers tons of worksheets with each podcasts .More valuable information can be found on Donald Miller’s website Building A Story Brand

This SPI episode with Neil Patel is essential!

I can’t get enough of SPI. I will probably be listing a ton of these episodes in the future.

Neil and Pat cover a bit on using keywords for the topics to write on. Awesome tips on taking current content and creating it in your own way to fit your blog/content creation process. This podcast also covers writing headlines and making an outline for your blog posts. Go listen! (Find Neil at

Taylor, the creator of Boss Girl Creative puts my new blog and goals in perspective.

She also teaches me so much a long the way. In This Is A Marathon Not a Sprint she discusses how we need to take time with our projects. You can’t just run a marathon without training for it! Take a listen and join her tribe (ladies). I hope to be able to hire her as a coach in the near future! (

Feel free to share with me your beloved and most informative podcasts. I would love to check them out!




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