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November + The First 6 Months With Baby

Happy November!   I’m holding my sweet Azariah as she sleeps. (Yes, I can type with one hand. Slowly!) She loves to sleep on me. And today I don’t have the heart to put her down. She has been a bit out of sorts. Me too. Plus, I think she loves the sound of me […]

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She Is The Proverbial Kind Of Girl

It was late. My baby was asleep and the husband was studying. But I needed to sweat. If only for 20-minutes. So I walked to the gym under big clouds and rain drops. And pondered my hearts desires. Ideas only dream chasers and makers have.  Work from home and care for my divinely given abode. […]

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What If Tomorrow Never Comes?

Some seasons are harder than others. Wouldn’t you agree? My thoughts have grumbled my selfish first world worries. Yet I have taken in the eyes of hungry Guatemalan babes and hopeless mothers. I have seen an old woman praising God for her simple bag of rice and beans. As if she won the lottery. Her […]

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An Unexpected House Guest & A Lesson About Being In Control

Have you ever felt like everything was out of your control? I often do. Every day. Last week, ready for bed, my sweet baby snuggled on my chest. She had just finished her night time bottle. Perhaps we can get to sleep early… Sleep. It sounded so good. I needed it bad. My husband did […]

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