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Book + Blog Review: The Mama Natural Guide To Pregnancy & Childbirth

May 12, 2017

Book and blog review of the week!

I decided it would be on the book that arrived in my mailbox only two days ago. I am so excited to blog about this and just let other new mama’s know about it.

Please note that I have yet to read the entire thing. After all it just arrived two days ago! All the opinions of both the blog MamaNatural  and The Mama Natural Week-By-Week Guide To Pregnancy & Childbirth by Genevieve Howland are my own.

Book and Blog review by Ash Harvey on Mama Natural and Natural Childbirth Book

The Blog

Even before I became “with child” I was interested in the most natural way of pregnancy and childbirth. I talked about it with friends and my husband. It had me curious. I was in a new season of life. I discovered a lot about food, fitness and living a generally healthy lifestyle.

Of course, I have had my severe fears about being pregnant and having a baby. Not joking. And not just about the pain or the idea of raising a human. Feel free to read one of my first posts about it here Lies I Believed About Being Pregnant + Motherhood

Now near the end of the third trimester, I love to read and research topics in regards to what to expect during these last few weeks and once my sweet little arrives.

The MamaNatural blog has truly guided me through several questions I had. Some I didn’t even know I had! For example, I always thought cloth diapers were totally out of the question. But she writes informative posts and has a video explaining the process. In the video, you also learn how much money you will save if you decide to go this route. Not to mention your impact on mother earth.

I also wondered if there were any natural ways to alleviate the childbirth pains and make your inner parts, like your uterus stronger. Yep, a very helpful post about Red Raspberry Leaf Tea you can find here The Truth About Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

This blog is totally worth reading.

The Book 

I have barely begun to skim the surface. There is so much deep and detailed information here. I am so excited! Since I am approaching week 38 in my pregnancy, this is where I went to first. I also looked up what to pack for the hospital. Seriously, this new mama didn’t know I would need to bring paperwork and tools for boredom!

Part three covers the third trimester. Checkups and screenings galore and the explanation of them have been helpful. A favorite Chapter is called “Beware The Cascade of Interventions.” I have felt so overwhelmed with pregnancy and childbirth medical interventions. I walk into the OBGYN and every visit there is something new. A test, vaccine or suggestion of a drug.

I want to live the most natural lifestyle as possible so I have felt like the crazy lady at my doctor’s appointments. It has been refreshing to discover that there are other women out there who desire to live naturally. Thank you God!

Part Four: Special Delivery The “Labor Playbook” and her descriptions and stages of each labor phase is informational and informative.

I feel more prepared for the birth of my baby girl having read just a few chapters so far. It’s a relief to know I am not crazy for wanting a natural pregnancy and childbirth experience. Of course, I am not opposed to medical help and intervention when needed but I do believe our bodies are made for this.

A blog post about my most recent book purchase. The Mama Natural Guide To Pregnancy and Childbirth

My body is made to carry and birth my baby and this truth is empowering! 


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