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Happy Mother’s Day And A New Life On The Way!

Mother’s Day! As I write this post I am just over 37 weeks pregnant. Today, Mother’s Day holds an entirely new meaning for me. New life is continually fusing and forming inside my body. Inside my body. A beating heart and a soul are being woven within. Although the first trimester felt like an eternity, (oh the […]

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Book + Blog Review: The Mama Natural Guide To Pregnancy & Childbirth

Book and blog review of the week! I decided it would be on the book that arrived in my mailbox only two days ago. I am so excited to blog about this and just let other new mama’s know about it. Please note that I have yet to read the entire thing. After all it just […]

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How I Cured My Kidney Infection + What It Taught Me

It was rainy and cold in New York. I was so ready to go back home to Florida. As Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz says, there is no place like home! My parents and I had finished our Hot Chocolates at the Starbucks near our Leo House Hotel in Chelsea. Goodbyes with hugs and […]

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3 Great Podcast Episodes For New Bloggers

I love podcasts! You can listen to them almost anywhere. Cleaning the house? Learn something as you wash and fold those clothes. In the car? Podcast! My current favorite is on my long walks before I hit my workout at the gym. I’ve learned so much from some of these podcasts and the awesome people […]

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The Best Kind of Heart Surgery and Preparing for Baby

Did you know? “Your heart is one giant pump. Every minute, your heart pumps about five quarts of blood through a system of blood vessels that’s over 60,000 miles long, according to the Cleveland Clinic. That translates to about 2,000 gallons of blood every day.” – The heart is such an intricate muscular organ, it is […]

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Learning About Love While Expecting Baby

What is love? I asked God again, after a long day and a heavy heart. I thought about my love question for some time. Several weeks went by and I found out I was pregnant. I thought back to the moment in the living room. I saw where I was sitting and I remembered asking […]

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4 Lies I Believed About Being Pregnant + Motherhood

I freaked out when I first realized I was pregnant.   Yes, I did. The extent of my motherhood focus was step-mom. A glimmer of possible pregnancy began at an Olive Garden lunch. My family and I had ordered our normal soup and salad combo. Alex (husband) was to my left and Klo (step-daughter) was in […]

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