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An Unexpected House Guest & A Lesson About Being In Control

July 28, 2017

Have you ever felt like everything was out of your control? I often do. Every day.

Last week, ready for bed, my sweet baby snuggled on my chest. She had just finished her night time bottle.

Perhaps we can get to sleep early…

Sleep. It sounded so good. I needed it bad. My husband did too. I had everything planned out just right. Dinner, baths, reading and night time baby prep were finished. I remember looking at my little girl as she started to fall asleep peacefully. The corner of my eye caught a quick shadow of something that scurried.

No, I’m tired.  

It’s nothing. 

Something moved fast yet again. So I called for my husband who was already on his way out of our room.

“I know, I see it,” he said calmly.

The Unexpected House Guest

A squirrel. Twice! 

We recently discovered a hole in our dryer shaft. This would have led him to scale our complex wall and climb up into the vent, making his way through the shaft to arrive in our 3rd floor apartment.

On his first visit, I was trying to help. I stood on a chair. When I saw the squirrel fly onto another box in our home, I decided at that point the baby and I would hide in her room. Alex attempted to get the little guy out of our home. Unfortunately the squirrel had run into the bathroom and hid himself. When I came back out to check on flying squirrel status, I had the brilliant idea of shutting the bathroom door and stuffing a towel under it until morning.

So we decided to read and call it a night

As he was reading and I finally put our little angel to bed.  Then the little guy bounced across the living room carpet! Alex politely opened the door for him and our unexpected house guest left.

The squirrel’s second visit was a bit more interesting. We knew he was in our home although we couldn’t see him. Our evidence was a half eaten nut and some pellets of poop in our kitchen.

“There he is! ”

I swear he ran behind the refrigerator. So I let my husband take care of getting him out of the house while I rocked the baby to sleep. My husband thought he may have scared him in another direction while he was moving things around to find him. It was so late yet again. All I wanted was to go to sleep!

Why did it feel like I had no control over anything?

Again, we decided to call it a night. Sleep is so out of my control. Especially with a sweet baby.

This particular evening I was laying our sweet baby down with her eyes open. Her bassinet is next to my side of the bed. As I pushed one of the buttons to began rocking her. I noticed her eyes looking not in my direction but towards the closet. She was calm and peaceful. Ready for a good sleep. I prayed. But something held her interest. I glanced over my right shoulder and there perched on our closet door was our friendly little squirrel. Just staring at us. At my baby. As if they were friends already.

“He’s in here!” 

After some time, he was out the door again.

I have to say I was pretty annoyed at first. Both times. After I collected my annoyances however I laughed and realized something…

I have to let go of control.

Or at least the desire to be. Allow God to be God. And know that he is a good Father. He is in control. Every season in my life thus far just show me how much more I need to realize this truth. It’s for His glory and my good.

So many plans are out of my hands. (Even in the process of writing this blog post!) But if I truly believe God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, then each day I can rest in the fact that He will establish my steps. He will carry me when I feel weak or overwhelmed. I can lean into Him and on Him.

In a nutshell…

Flying squirrel moments are going to happen.

God is in control


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